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The 20 Most Profitable Businesses For 2017

We are already at the doors of 2017. And as usual, each year brings new projects and hopes to be better than the previous one. If in your case you are looking for business in which to invest, and worthwhile this 2017, this entry is for you. Well, next we will give you a list of the 20 most profitable businesses for 2017, take note!

The most profitable businesses for 2017 are online

We can not get stuck in the past. We must go in the same step of advances in technology. Well, the most profitable businesses for 2017 are related to the Internet world. So, any business you undertake, although we do not outline it here, will be more profitable if you make use of information technology (IT).

Graphic Design

Another profitable business for 2017 is Graphic Design. And is that more and more things are made to the computer, so, make logos, banners, infographics, illustrations, web designs, etc., without a doubt, you will have a good business at hand.

Online Stores

Online purchases are skyrocketing. In recent years they have increased among Spanish speakers. To start this profitable business, you just have to have certain notions of the online market, the use of frameworks for the assembly of your virtual store and, more importantly, knowing very well the niche or product in which you will act.

Social Networks

Take the social networks of people or companies. If you know how to move through the systems and believe that you can make the content of the viral, without a doubt, you have a profitable business for 2017.

Virtual Assistant 

In simple words, a Virtual Assistant is the one who attends to the clients of "x" company or professional, through a virtual call center. So, you can make this a small business or even work from home.For example, in the American market, the following products have been well received in online sales: good quality clothes at affordable prices, novelty styles shirts, organic products, technology products and pet products. So, undoubtedly, Hispanic America can bet in 2017 for this new growing market.

Independent Writer

To know if a business is profitable for 2017, we have to look back. Ensure if in the previous years has been productive. Thus, it is known if it is a good business prospect for the next year. And, undoubtedly, being a freelance writer is a profitable business. Well, both 2015 and 2016, have had the editorial service as one of the most demanded. Who requests these services? The newspapers, blogs, and websites.

Analysts on Singapore’s GDP Growth Forecast in 2018

Singapore is one of the main financial hubs in the world but investors are experiencing a sense of gloom against the backdrop of sluggish growth. In the latest report by top analyst polled by Monetary Authority in the country (MAS) the economic prospects in the country are not looking good.

The economic analysts have again cut growth forecast for 2016 to a modest 1.9%.  This is down from an earlier projection of 2.2% that had buoyed the spirits of investors and consumers alike.

The survey done in March 2016 closely compares to projections from the Trade and Industry ministry which had set growth rate at between 1-3% for 2016. According to analyst this would be the lowest growth rate since 2009 when the country had started an upward trend after the global recession.

Decent Result in the Prevailing Conditions

The survey also contained the factors that are responsible for the downward forecast including falling oil and gas prices, sliding Chinese growth and a struggling house market in the country.

"When you put all these factors into play managing a 2% annual growth in 2016 will be a major achievement," says Mr Richard Jerram the chief economist at the Bank of Singapore. There was general pessimism about the insurance sector and financial, and increase in the business loans in Singapore obtained in the past few months with the analysts projecting a 3.6% growth in the two sectors down from 5.9% in a Q4 2015 survey. The manufacturing sector also received a downgrade in the forecast and it is expected to contract by 2.7%.

One of the exceptions in the survey is the construction industry which is expected to grow by about 2.6% a significant increase from 1.2% in the December survey.

Negative Inflation a Positive Sign

The survey also whittled down their expectations for the inflation in 2018 with CPI for all items expected stand at -0.2%. This compares with the projections of an increase in the previous survey. Core inflation excluding private transport and accommodation has been cut to 0.8% down from 1% in the previous survey.

"This is the first time Singapore will witness below zero headline inflation for 2 straight years," noted Mr Irvin Seah of DBS Bank. “While the negative headline inflation of 0.5% is already a multiple year low the core inflation rate remains above zero due to factors such as rental costs,” added the economist.

The report by the analysts has prompted the view that MAS will ease its policy setting in its next announcement.

The Most Profitable Businesses For 2017 Are Wellness

Wellness is the state of well-being of a person. This covers the physical, emotional and spiritual health of an individual. More and more people are becoming more aware of seeking wellness. Because of that, any business will be profitable in 2017 if it seeks the welfare of the client.

  1. Personal Trainer

Business is profitable when what it offers is the solution to a problem that afflicts some people. Therefore, more and more, personal trainers are more sought after, because, on the one hand, obesity has become a real problem and, on the other hand, the physical image is highly valued in the 21st century.

  1. Fitness Products Store

If you want to open a store in 2017, the sale of fitness products is the ideal option. Clothes, instruments to exercise at home, sports supplements, healthy food, equipment for gyms are some of the products you can sell. And, if you join it with the online sale, you will get a high market reach.

  1. Food For People With Dietary Restrictions

Whether for genetic reasons or to maintain the diet, many people make a restrictive diet: without dairy products, sugar, or gluten, etc. Therefore, offering a food service for these specific segments is a good business idea.

  1. Sale Of Organic Products

The care of the environment worries an increasing number of people. What it does, that the consumption of products that do not harm the environment is increasing. The sale of organic clothing and food, for example, will be a profitable business for 2017.

  1. Make Life Easier For Others

We all want a more relaxed life. And many are willing to pay to have it. In this context, the facilitating services that are most successful are: services to take care of children, deliver food in homes, laundry services, home beauty services, wedding planning, etc.

  1. Pets Are Business

Nowadays, many people spend a lot of money on their beloved pets. Keeping this in mind, any service or product for pets will be a profitable business for 2017. Here are some ideas:

  • Pet care.
  • Training service.
  • Dog walk service.
  • Hotel and daycare for dogs.
  • Pet store.
  • Pet Cemetery
  1. Services For The Elderly

It is a market that is growing a lot each year, due to the advance of areas such as medicine and also by the new technologies that are allowing an increase in the life expectancy of the population.

So, you can set up a travel agency for the elderly, for example, an academy for this public, give computer classes for seniors, a service of caregivers for the elderly, among other services.

  1. Baby Room Decoration Service

Many mothers have great difficulty deciding what type of decoration to make for their baby's room. In this context, there are many parents who are willing to invest large sums when it comes to comfort and well-being of their children. So this can be a great business opportunity for you. So, focus on the quality and differentiation of your service

  1. Riding A Barbershop

This type of service increases more, and more and many consumers are looking for exclusive establishments. You can serve your clients in your living room or the homes of the clients. To achieve prominence in this market, follow the following tips:

  • Stay tuned for trends.
  • Always try to improve your professional performance.
  • Do your specialized service.
  • Provide a pleasant space for your customers.

Businesses With Export Potential

The high value of the dollar has opened new possibilities for companies with export potential. A declining domestic market and a high dollar value is the ideal recipe for the company that is looking for markets outside of its country. For those who produce or provide technological services, they have a gold mine. Also, those who produce crafts, clothes, and programming services have good export possibilities.

Food Trucks

Food trucks or food trucks exploded in 2016 and will continue to grow in 2017. Well, it 's a concept that is here to stay.

Creative Gift Company

People are tired of buying the same presents as always and only find the same things in the stores they attend, therefore,  several firms specializing in creative gifts are emerging in the market, especially in 2015 and 2016, many of them put on up and running with great success. Therefore, whoever wants to make a difference in 2017 must bet on different ideas, which are very original.

No Vehicle Customization

Nowadays, a vehicle or car is not just a way to get from one place to another; but it is also an opportunity for publicity or presumption of personal style.

Therefore, starting a business dedicated to the personalization of vehicles, cars, cars, and motorcycles is emerging as an attractive option for some segments of the market, in comparison with other communication channels such as television, radio, among others. Also to serve the part of people looking, have a stunning car, which causes the look of many (and many)!

The Five Best Businesses To Invest In 2018

Let’s discuss what the business and business ideas to spend in 2018 are!

The year 2017 is walking fast steps to its end, and 2018 is right there at the door. With a new year, it’s good to think of all the new opportunities with new businesses, but it is not easy to decide in which area to bet since the markets change at a dizzying pace. In this article, we present five businesses that will be a trend in 2018!

Healthy And Alternative Food

More than a matter of fashion, betting on a healthy diet is a must for all people who want to live well. 2018 seems to be the year of maturation of the fit and alternative food market. More and more people are intolerant to gluten and lactose and that privilege a diet without animal-derived products. If you are thinking about betting on a business related to catering, a restaurant with healthy food seems to be a great option in the coming year!

Creation Of Applications

It is not a secret for us that technology has changed our way of working and even living in society. Smartphones and mobile devices, in general, are increasingly an essential part of people's lives and are no longer just an accessory, but a necessary element. Therefore, the applications that facilitate daily life guarantee great success in 2018.

3d print

It is a market trend and promises to evolve and grow next year. It is an area little exploited, so the opportunities are immense. Despite being a lovely area, it is essential to keep in mind that betting in this sector requires a lot of training and investment.

Virtual reality

Just look at Snapchat to perceive that virtual reality has been part of our lives in recent times. However, its applicability goes far beyond entertainment. The future is expected to be dominated by this type of technology, despite the high cost of research and development in this sector. The area of medicine will be one of the most positively affected by virtual reality through surgical simulations. This factor can lead to new cures and new forms of treatment.


Increasingly some liberal professionals work alone. However, working at home can be a real problem, to the extent that motivation decreases and makes people more unhappy. Many professionals look for spaces where they can work close to other people, to exchange ideas and find ways of synergy. Coworking - a workspace divided between people from different areas - is already a reality in the United States of America, but has not yet been explored in many regions. Betting on these spaces is a good idea in the year that will enter.

Whatever your business, there is a universal truth: analyzing data in real time will help you make decisions on time and consciously. Download our e-book and know how a business monitoring system will help you improve your performance.